Top free shopify apps for dropshipping

Apr 12, 2019Arena Commerce
Top free shopify apps for dropshipping

Online business becomes more and more popular to all people around the world. You can sell a product without spending much money. Drop shipping allows sellers to do business without worrying much about the stock. Now, let’s check out top 8 free Shopify apps in this field!

The no.1 in our list of top free Shopify apps for dropshipping is This one gives you a chance to manage your business. You will know well in detail the time you receive payments from buyers. It means you can control the earnings better. It is free and just charges you at $0.30 and 5% whenever you have a transaction.

2.Facebook Channel

Facebook, well-known as among the top most popular social media to contact people all over the world, will be a powerful tool for online marketing. If you use Facebook Channel, it means you can approach many people who do not know who you are.  This is a fast, convenient, and cheap way for any sellers, no matter how much budget they have. Just with some clicks, you can have a lot of visitors and you can make them your customers in a short time.


Oberlo allows users to find the best sources and sell products. With this app, you can get a chance to find products on Aliexpress, the biggest source of products for dropshipping. That makes Oberlo become the most popular Shopify app for any drop shippers to choose.

4.Plug-in SEO

Of course, any sellers want to increase the organic traffic of their website. This means Plug-in SEO plays an important role to push up the sale numbers and website ranking. This free Shopify app is used by millions of people in the world. With this tool, you yourself can do SEO at a very cheap budget.

5.Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Bar is in this list because of its benefits to users. This app shows the customers that you will offer free shipping and it can push their demand into activities. Free shipping bar can make a visitor become a customer at once. 


Printful allows you to design on your own. You do not need a store or a warehouse but just by some clicks, you can design a shirt, a bag or anything by printing on it. Well, in fact, this trend becomes more and more popular among young people.


Klaviyo is a free Shopify app used for sending email to customers and visitors. With Klaviyo, you can have a long list of potential emails and start your campaigns whenever you want. This way can help you to approach many people and keep their attention as well as curiosity. At the right time, they will buy the product they want.

8.Countdown Cart

The last one in our list today is Countdown Cart, one of the most helpful apps to be used. With this one, you can let the visitors understand the limitation of the number of products. If they really need your goods, they, of course, will buy at once. It really affects their mentality and urges them to click “ buy” press.

With our suggestion, what will you choose to do online business? Cheapness, convenience, and effectiveness are what you can get from these free Shopify apps, for sure!