How to have the perfect holiday email marketing strategy in 2019?

May 08, 2019Arena Commerce
How to have the perfect holiday email marketing strategy in 2019?

Email marketing becomes more and more popular in these days. In our modern life, things can be informed so fast that if you know how to take advantage of technology, you can be the winner. Many researches show that the amount of sale number during holidays increase much more than usual. That is why we should care about the perfect holiday email marketing strategy, to get the best of it! 

Types of Emails to Optimize During the Holidays

The first problem we have to concern is about types of emails which are optimized during the holidays of the years. Knowing this well, you can find the best solution to make the most effective plan for your strategy. Now, let’s go!

There are 3 types of email  we should care to improve during holidays. They are

  • Welcome emails.
  • Relevant promotional emails.
  • Abandoned cart emails.

In the next part, we will show you more in details to help have more information about each of them.

Welcome emails

Welcome emails helps you have the first step to approach your customers. So the next thing you need to do is try to write an impressive welcome email. How to do this? How to optimize it? Let’s check out some tips below to get a better solution.

  • Send your welcome email immediately.
  • Remember to ask the recipient to do something for you
  • Remember to deliver opt-in incentives and rewards.

With these tips, your welcome email can be optimized well. You just need to wait and ...get more customers.

Relevant promotional emails

Relevant promotion emails are also a good tool for you to increase sale number. Let’s see what we can do with this. Here are 4 tips we suggest you optimize this kind of email during holidays such as summer holiday or New Year time.


  • Including shipping dates for customers.
  • Give your clients gift card services.
  • Suggest gift wrapping options
  • Give information in detail for customers to be supported.

Abandoned cart emails

We all know that abandoned cart is something none sellers want to see. But this does not mean you have to stop at that point. You can make things better and better, provided that you know how.

Firstly, we should check out the reasons why abandoned carts exit. Now look at the things below to see:


  • Shipping costs are high
  • Better deal elsewhere: many shops also give amazing discounts.
  • Out-of-stock: it happens when you do not have enough things for buyers.

With these reasons, we can suggest you some ways to get more real customers and get better profit.

  • Reducing Shipping Costs: you can reduce shipping cost for customers during holiday to help them save money. You get profit and the buyer gets the products, both are happy.
  • Give great discount for a period of time: You can give amazing discount for loyal customers who often buy your products. This way can keep them stay on your website and try to be a loyal customers to get better discount for the next time to buy thing.


How to Have a Perfect Holiday Email Marketing Strategy

In this article, we will help you to set up an effective email marketing strategy for holiday time. Let’s check out three step below!

Step 1: Check out holiday dates

You should use a worksheet to have a better view. You need to have a worksheet of 12 months and highlight important days (holiday time) to prepare for your email marketing plan. Whenever you look at the worksheet, you can know exactly when to start your strategy to run the business better.

Step 2: Add your emails on the calendar

You can use a worksheet to add your emails on the calendar. We have just find out 3 types of email to optimized during holiday time, so you just need to check out each kind and add the email on the exact days to start your strategy. So when it is time for holiday, you can run the campaign immediately.

Tips for 2019 Holiday Email Marketing Campaign

At the last part, we give you some tips to get effective email marketing strategy in this year, 2019. Hope that you can make use of them and get successful business.

  • Check out for last year’s trends to guest the trend of this year: we know that trends do not change much in a short period of time, so knowing the trend last year can help us know about the coming trend to have a good plan and preparation.
  • Prepare a good plan before holiday time: Do not wait until it’s holiday time to prepare things. You have to set up a careful plan to know when and how to run the campaign. In fact, you can read again what we have share above to set up a good plan for your business.
  • Segment your list to give better service for each segment: The more you know about your customers, the more chance they can be your re-buyers. Of course, none are the same, especially in buying behaviour. It depends on their ages, finance and more. If you can segment your list, you can set up different email marketing strategy for each group to have more customers.


With all tips and suggestion above, we hope you all can know how to set up a perfect email marketing strategy in this year, 2019. Good luck!